I love to write.

Sometime after waiting far to long for updates to the fan translated "scanlations" which I had become addicted to, I found fan fiction. I threw myself into it. At first it was only supposed to fill in the weeks or months it seemed to take for the group scanlating the series I read, mainly Sekirei at the time.

And then I decided to write. I was never into fan fiction really. Maybe it was my experience with filking twenty years ago, but I just couldn't get into it.

Then I read Sekirei, and Fan written stories around it. I became hooked and started writing.

I currently have three ongoing stories involving the Sekirei universe and one that is semi-complete.

Please do check out my first attempt in "House Rules" which was supposed to give inside into Miya's rules for the house, more specifically sexual relations.

Unfortunately she kinda influenced the story as I wrote.

My second story Sekirei: Regrets begins shortly after the end of the third stage of the plan. Sahashi Minato's harem has survived and is playing the waiting game for Minaka Hiroto's madness to continue. However Benitsubasa is having nightmares. All related to Team Minato starting with her failures at the bridge escape.

That's not all, but poor Sahashi Minato is having similar dreams that reminds him of when he first met Kusano and Tsukiumi. The Sekirei plan will never be the same again.

Thirdly I present Ashikabi's of Fate. This story begins with Sahashi Minato still in highschool and trying to survive a simple life.

13 chapters long as of now it makes small changes which will resonate later into larger ones.

Lastly related to my Sekirei addiction, is a cross over I wrote after reading a couple Freezing and Sekirei cross overs. I couldn't help but think I could write something that fit a little better into fandom to bring the two together.

The Pandora Plan picks up with Sahashi Minato some 40 years after the Sekirei Plan has completed and Minato has been declared the winner. The problem is a debt collector shows up. And Minaka Hiroto owed him huge. Gengo Aoi wants the Sekirei to help fight the Nova.

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