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Tsukiumi Close
Name Tsukiumi
Japanese Name 月海
Personal Information
Sekirei No 09
Species Sekirei Female - Water sekirei
Gender Female Female
Height 165cm
Weight 47kg
Three Size B 94 / W 57 / H 88
Ashikabi Sahashi Minato
Norito This water represents my pledge, purify the evil residing in my Ashikabi!
Voice Actors
Japanese Rie Tanaka (Drama CD)
Marina Inoue (anime)
English Lydia Mackay
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Tsukiumi is one of the heroines of the story and is Minato's fourth Sekirei., she first appears to Minato in a dream saying that she would kill him, this was due to her desire to be the strongest without the need to be winged by an Ashikabi as well as misinterpreted how a Sekirei is winged. (She was under the impression that she would have to sleep with an Ashikabi)[1] When they finally met, she was persuaded into becoming his Sekirei. She refers to herself as Minato's 'legal wife' and is very possessive of him. Tsukiumi had a one-sided rivalry with Homura, whom Tsukiumi considers her rival (she was apparently defeated by Homura on their very first confrontation, who recommended Tsukiumi to find herself an Ashikabi to serve, and Tsukiumi has been looking forward to settle the score ever since). Tsukiumi once confided to Miya Asama that she still wants to be the strongest, but it is so she can be with Minato forever.[2] her name (tsuki+umi) means "moon sea" literally (not to be confused with "lunar mare" - 月の海).



Tsukiumi full-body appearance

Tsukiumi has long blonde hair with blue eyes. She is dressed in a black dress with a white underdress which shows her cleavage, wears a choker on her neck, and has long brown boots with black stockings. Because of her short skirt her panties are often exposed which leads to one of her nicknames, "Panties flasher" by Homura and Kazehana. She wears a light blue nightgown when she going to bed. At Izumo Inn she was dressed in a maid outfit she got from Uzume to do chores.[3]




Tsukiumi is a Sekirei with a tsundere personality and the most aggressive of Minato's party and has a very short temper; she rarely smiles. She was introduced as the first Sekirei that wanted to become the strongest without the help of an Ashikabi. She even stated that she was willing to kill her future Ashikabi if she would ever react to him/her, due to her hate towards Ashikabis.[4] She changed a lot after getting winged by Minato and easily gets jealous when Minato comes in contact with other women, due to her feelings for her Ashikabi. She proclaimed herself to be Minato's legal wife which caused a rivalry between her and Minato's remaining Sekirei, in general Musubi with who she often competes to gain the right to be called 'Minato's legal wife'. This is because she stated after kissing Minato for the first time she said he was not only her Ashikabi but as her husband. Aside from this, she gets along well with Minato's other Sekirei.

She also has an honorable side, in that she seems to adhere to the fundamental rule of Sekirei one-on-one combat. Tsukiumi also seems to despise involving innocent civilians or bystanders to such confrontations, as seen when she canceled her own attack at the veiled Uzume when Kazehana came by (Tsukiumi was unaware that Kazehana was Sekirei number 3). Furthermore, she has a tendency to show a softer nature around Minato and has stated in a private conversation with Miya that she wants to become the strongest in order to stay forever with Minato.

Tsukiumi doesn't like to get touched by anyone else, except for Minato. She gets mad when Musubi grabs her breast in the bath or while undressed. Minato is the only one allowed to touch her body and goes so far to place Minato's hand to her exposed breast herself even so she considers this shortly after as a weak moment she had.

Tsukiumi's most notable character trait is her pride. She sometimes undertakes actions she knows are foolish simply because her pride won't let her back down. Fortunately it is a trait she is learning to overcome, such as when Kusano managed to convince her to help #95 Kuno and her Ashikabi escape, even though it went against Tsukiumi's principles.

Her speech is different for others, as she speaks in Old Japanese Language. (In reflect on the English Dub, she speaks in Shakespearean English using words like "Thou" or "Thee" in place of typical pronouns.)

Abilities and Powers

Tsukiumi has the ability to control and manipulate water and is capable of generating it directly from her person.


  • Yamata no Orochi (ヤマタノオロチ, Eight-Headed Snake (also translated as Eight Forked Serpent))[5]
  • Mizu no Ya (水の矢, Water Arrow)[6]
  • Hydra Blast[7]
  • Mizu no Tsurugi (水ノ劔, Water Blade)[7]
  • Mizu Matsuri/Iwai (水祝, Water Festival (also translated as Water Celebration))
  • Suiryū (水龍, Water Dragon)[8]
  • Jōki Bakuryū (蒸爆龍, Steam Burst Dragon (with Homura))[8]


  • Shiomitsu Tama (潮満珠, Tide Flowing Jewel)[9]

The incantation for Tsukiumi's Norito is:

This Water Represents My Pledge, Purify The Evil Residing In My Ashikabi

When Tsukiumi uses her Norito the first time, she also chants an extra piece:

As a storm approaches, whitecaps grow, and tides rise suddenly, The Final Wave!

It is not actually known what this extra piece of the incantation does for her though

Major Battles


Tsukiumi was living together with her tuner Miyajima before she moved to Izumo Inn. According to her she was a very strict person and made Tsukiumi tremble in fear everyday.[10]

Tsukiumi remembered parts of her childhood once she was exposed to a Jinki, she was told to become strong by Miya as she still was an infant.[11]


Anime and Manga differences

  • Other than in the Manga Miya is the one who convinces Tsukiumi to help out in the escape plan.


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