Takano Kouji
Takano Kouji
Japanese Name


Gender Male
Voice Actors
Seiyū Atsushi Abe
English Viktor Walker
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Winner of the third stage second match of the Sekirei Plan. Afterwards defeated by Uzume and Shiina in an ambush, resulting in the termination of his Sekirei #73 Namiji and the loss of his Jinki (#2). During this ambush he refused to hand over the Jinki, stating that it is something important because Namiji won that for him thus Uzume attacks him and hurts him badly to get the Jinki[1].


Takano is a slim young man with messy blond hair and green eyes, wearing a green shirt, covered by a dark blue hoodie-sweater and blue jeans.


He cares deeply for his Sekirei and wasn't willing to hand over the Jinki they won together to Uzume even when it meant death, because it was something Namiji won for him.


Anime and Manga differencesEdit

  • Other than in the Manga he has an appearance in a quick fight with an unknown Sekirei in the second season of the Anime[2].


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  2. Sekirei anime season 2 episode 09

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