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An Ashikabi first appeared at the beginning of the 4th match with his Sekirei. He met Kunimitsu Hiroyuki and his Sekirei in the first stage of the Sekirei Plan. He lost one Sekirei to Himura Youichi in the second stage of the Sekirei Plan.[1]


Mutou is an average-height young man with messy black hair, wearing dark jeans and a black polo-shirt.


Due to his spare appearances in the Manga not much is known about him. He seems to quite frightened by the Ashikabi of the North and the Devil Ashikabi and preferably don't want to meet them.[1] Since he doesn't appear on the Minaka afterwards it could be possible he retreated from the match together with Kunimitsu Hiroyuki.


  • No 27 Nina (terminated by Disciplinary Squad)
  • No ? Mimi (terminated by Nanami)


Nothing is known about his past.


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