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Sekirei Chapter 150 Raw
is released on August 16, 2013.

Sekirei Volume 14 out in March 2013
Volume 14 will be release March 25 in Japan.

Sekirei Volume 13 out in July 2012
Volume 13 will be released July 25 in Japan.

Sekirei Volume 12 out next month
Sekirei Volume 12 will be out October 25 in Japan.

Sekirei on break
Sekirei will be on break in the next 2 issues of Young Gangan. The next chapter will be out September 16.

Sekirei Volume 11 released
Sekirei Volume 11 is available since December 25, 2010 in Japan.

  • Sekirei on break this week

The next chapter (107) of Sekirei will be released on November 5, 2010 in Japan.

  • Funimation Acquired License for Sekirei Season 2

Funimation has acquired the license for Sekirei ~Pure Engagement to simulcast it.
Source: Funi Adds Sekirei 2

  • Volume 10 will be released this month

Volume 10 of the Manga will be on sale June 25, 2010
Source: Square Enix - Sekirei
Source: Sekirei-tv

  • Sekirei on break till June

The Mangaka of Sekirei has stated that there will not be any Sekirei Manga released for the month of May for golden week because the author wants to take a break.

  • Second Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~ trailer released

Check it out on their official site: Sekirei trailer 2

  • ~Pure Engagement~ to be aired in July 4, 2010

The official site of the upcoming second season of Sekirei, has confirmed that the series will start to air in July 4,2010 23:30. Source: Sekirei-tv

  • Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~ Announcement

The official website of the Sekirei television anime has announced on Sunday that production on a new Sekirei television anime series, Sekirei ~Pure Engagement , has been green-lit. The new anime series is described as the second season of Sekirei. Director Keizou Kusakawa, writer Takao Yoshioka, character designer Shinpei Tomooka, musical composer Hiroaki Sano, and the Seven Arcs anime studio all return from the first anime adaptation of Sakurako Gokurakuin's manga. Shinnosuke Tachibana (Minato), Saori Hayami (Musubi), Marina Inoue (Tsukiumi), and Kana Hanazawa (Kusano) lead the main cast in reprising their respective roles.

Source: Animenewsnetwork

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