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Name Karasuba
Japanese Name 鴉羽
Personal Information
Sekirei No 04
Species Sekirei, Sword wielder
Gender Female Female
Height 174 cm
Weight 59 kg
Three Size B 85 / W 63 / H 91
Ashikabi Natsuo Ichinomi
Norito This is the pledge of my blade, exterminate the sworn enemy of my ashikabi!
Voice Actors
Japanese Romi Paku
English Christine Auten
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Karasuba (鴉羽) is Sekirei #04. She is known as the "Black Sekirei" and "MBI's dog" (M・B・Iの狗, MBI no Inu). Karasuba is the leader of the third generation Disciplinary Squad. In the past she was a member of the first generation Disciplinary Squad and teamed up with Yume in the second generation Disciplinary Squad. She seems to know a lot about Musubi's past and knows about many parts of the Sekirei Plan from her job and from the fact that she has been around as long as Miya, Matsu and Kazehana. Karasuba and Miya do not associate well with each other (Miya is not allowing her to set foot in the Izumo Inn) and tend to come close to fighting at the mere appearance of the other.



Karasuba`s appearence in Anime

Karasuba still wears the uniform all female members of the first generation Disciplinary Squad were equipped with. A tight black leather top, a miniskirt and stockings, over the shoulders wearing a grey haori with the Sekirei Crest printed on it. She has long light gray hair tied in a ponytail and gray narrow eyes. She is usually seen with bags under her eyes, giving her an exhausted look.


Karasuba is driven by her hatred of the world and her rivalry with Yume.  Karasuba maintains a cold demeanor, but gets excited by the thought of fighting strong opponents. She often enjoys killing other sekirei as a way of relaxing after being excited by the idea of fighting a strong opponent. When she's around Musubi, Karasuba often shows an honest, more patient, encouraging side. She's also honest, often stopping herself from attacking Musubi in order to keep a promise they made to each other. 

Abilities and Powers


Mitsuha killed by Karasuba with one strike.

Karasuba has great strength. Her weapon of choice is a nodachi which has the power to cut through energy/elemental attacks such as wind, water, etc. She is shown to have an incredible speed, able to kill military men in seconds and she is feared by many Sekirei. Matsu once stated that if Miya and Karasuba would engage in a fight, half of Tokyo would be destroyed in the process.[1] During fights with other sekirei, Karasuba often kills them in one move. Unlike Miya, who has been shown to be able to split a battleship with the shockwave from her sword, Karasuba has so far been shown to actually need to make contact with what she is attacking.


Karasuba defending the Island
Karasuba is the only steady member of the Discipline Squad throughout all generations and one of the oldest Sekirei. Like all members of the first generation of the Discipline Squad, she was adjusted by Takehito Asama.[2] In her time with the first generation of the Discipline Squad she participated in the defense of Kamikura Island. She is seen there cutting down a retreating soldier. She asks the rest of the soldiers if they thought they could actually retreat.[3]

When she was teamed together with Yume in the second generation of the Discipline Squad she rescued the kidnapped Kaho from a military base. During this mission Karasuba killed countless soldiers to such a degree that the corpses got piled up.[4]

After Yume gave her Tama to Musubi, Karasuba approached Natsuo. Knowing Natsuo's hatred of the world for taking away his lover, Karasuba remembered her unsettled rivalry to Yume, she chose Natsuo as her Ashikabi to destroy the world they hate.[5]


In the animated series, Karasuba first appeared when she was visiting Musubi in Izumo Inn and got accidentally showered by Musubi who was watering the garden.[6] Karasuba calls Musubi "As scatterbrained as always" and is invited into the Inn to dry off her clothes. On her way out of Izumo Inn, she confronts Miya.

Miya and Karasuba

In the animated series, Miya threatens to kill Karasuba if she ever visits Izumo Inn again. The animated series has never said why Miya hates Karasuba so much, but because Miya had such an extreme reaction to seeing Karasuba again, Miya's hatred of Karasuba may have something to do with the death of Miya's husband, Takehito Asama.

Musubi and Karasuba

The promise
After Karasuba leaves, Musubi decides to tell Minato about a promise she and Karasuba made to each other: To keep on fighting through the tournament until Musubi and Karasuba are the last two Sekirei. She tells Minato that she wants to have Karasuba experience love and says that because being separated from their Ashikabi is terrible, Musubi wished to bring back all of the Sekirei and Ashikabi if she won.

Past the escape plan

While Minato and Musubi are in the hospital Karasuba pays Musubi a visit with a crate of apples as present.[7] They went to the roof and started chatting, when Musubi mentioned that she fought the Discipline Squad Karasuba started laughing but stopped suddenly when Musubi mentioned that she was rescued by Yume. Musubi then showed some unusual insight and she asks if Karasuba would have instigated them.[7] Karasuba doesn't seem to notice her questions because she was lost in thoughts as she reminiscence her past with Yume. Karasuba states then, that "It's not enough and nothing may be" referring to her frequent killings and that "that" person would be cruel because she disappeared for her own selfish reasons and that she should have been the one who killed her (Yume).

Musubi then mentions Karasuba would stink of blood which in fact the case then shortly before her visit Karasuba killed No19 Ikki. Karasuba suddenly roughly catches Musubi, nearly twisting her wrist, saying that Musubi has to become stronger then correcting herself, telling that she has to become even stronger then "that" person. Then fulfilling the promise that she and Musubi would be the last two one standing so they will then stake the world. She releases Musubi telling her that the 3rd stage of the Sekirei Plan has begun, commenting that enjoyable murders will come from now on.[7]

During the 3rd stage

Karasuba final episode
Benitsubasa and Haihane were discussing the relation between Yume and Musubi and tried to figure out if Musubi is no #88 or #08 in the bathroom when Karasuba entered and ment they were wrong. Number #88 Musubi and #08 would be different individuals. No 08 the second Disciplinary Squad leader Yume she described as a foul player, the first Disciplinary Squad leader as another Dimension. No 08 would no longer exist and the first Disciplinary Squad leader has retired. She then tells Benitsubasa that she can take care of Musubi in the third stage and that she should try to bring out "that" person again.[3]

Karasuba appeared next when Musubi and Minato went shopping and met another Ashikabi who asked for the norths help in his escape. Minato refuses and shortly afterwards MBI military appeared including Karasuba to hunt the possible escapees. Karasuba greets Musubi and notices immediately that her Sekirei Spirit (Tama) is glowing brighter than before. Musubi tells her that she remembered the Bear fist. Karasuba laughs and reminds Musubi again of the promise and that she would be waiting for her at the top. Karasuba takes her leave and Musubi tells Minato that the two from before are gonna die. Karasuba is seen next standing above a cut down Sekirei and her Ashikabi talking to herself that she begins to understand why Yume entrusted her soul to Musubi. In Karasubas opinion, Musubi has the potential to become even stronger than Yume. An understanding which excites Karasuba deeply.[8]

When the Disciplinary Squad in the 3rd match retreated Karasuba is seen in the helicopter looking out for Musubi, commenting that Benitsubasa would be unexpectedly useless not bringing out "that" person. Because of this Karasuba came to the conclusion that she can't fight Musubi yet and leaves with "See ya later, Musubi.".[9]

Past the third match

Karasuba appears once more the night Uzume dies and Miya decides to reveal her identity to Minato's party. She is seen standing on a high rooftop talking to herself, wondering how many Sekirei will be terminated that day and is hoping that soon all of them will perish so she can have her fight with Musubi, as the last two remaining Sekirei.[10]

The 4th match

As soon as "The Minaka", the ship the 4th battle is held on departed, Karasuba went off to work. Stating the "end of everything" is now beginning.[11]

Major Battles


Further information: Norito

Basically, it's a form to use a large amount of power. Every Sekirei it's said to have it. The form to execute requires two steps:

  1. A kiss with their Ashikabi.
  2. A prayer.
  • Prayer: This is the pledge of my blade, exterminate the sworn enemy of my ashikabi! (我が誓約の刃 葦牙が怨敵 鏖殺せん, Waga seiyaku no yaoba ashikabi ga onteki ōsatsu sen)[12]
Long blade of the underworld: Eternal Rage (冥ノ太刀久怨, Mei no Tachi: "Kuon")[12] The user swings their katana, which, when crossed with the blade of another, creates an explosion of highly pressurized air.

Anime and Manga differences

  • In the anime (season 2): Unlike the manga, we see Karasuba waiting at the scene where 5 of Minato's Sekirei (excluding Musubi) who were already injured due to MBI building collapsing while they were in the building and then she faces off against Musubi but eventually their fight is suspended because of the interference of Minato and his 5 injured Sekirei.


  • Karasuba never calls Yume by her name, she always refers to her as "that person" with only one exception and that is when she talks to herself. She does however, roar "YUME!" as she charged when Yume took over Musubi during the escape plan (anime only).
  • Karasuba is the first Sekirei seen in the anime.
  • Karasuba is ambidextrous.
  • Karasuba (鴉, karasu-Crow + 羽, ba-Feathers) means "crow feathers" literally.


  • Entertain me more next time! (To her victims)
  • Ah... You're really good. Same as always, so scary. It excites me!!! (To Miya)[13]
  • Hey, you two. If you're free, why don't you play with me? (To Akitsu and Mitsuha)[14]
  • Yo, Yume. Since you weren't here to stop me, I killed them all. They were so weak, so very weak. They're really a bunch of useless things. (To Yume)[4]


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