Name Hatae
Japanese Name 二十重
Personal Information
Sekirei No 20
Species Sekirei - Claw knives
Gender Female Female
Three Size
Ashikabi Sanada Nishi
Norito My Ashikabi's dark omen be swallowed by my pledge of my black twin blade.
Voice Actors
Japanese none
English none
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Hatae (二十重, Hatae) is the sixth and the last one of Sanada's Sekireis. She's number 20. Appears for the first time during the fight between her master and Mikogami whilst terminating Sekirei #65, Taki[1]. She was frozen solid and turned to an ice statue along with other two other sekireis, after Akitsu executed her norito. It is unknown if she lost her sekirei crest and was terminated.


Hatae is a woman of good height. She has short black hair, a part of which falls down as curtains from either side of her face. Like most other Sekirei, she has large breasts and a slender figure. She wears black gloves and wields claw knives. Her outfit consists of a rather revealing bikini top, which leaves most part of her breast uncovered, and jeans that have splits of the inner side.


Hatae is a very rebellious sekirei, who Sanada claims to be "uncontrollable."

Abilities and PowersEdit

Hatae is dual wielding Sekirei who uses twin claw-like blades.

Norito: Her Norito seems to be special because it seems to be only executed together with Chiyo and  Yūna.

Prayer: My Ashikabi's dark omen be swallowed by my pledge of my black twin blade.



Trivia Edit

  • Hatae has been confirmed to have bit Sanada's tongue before.

References Edit

  1. Sekirei Manga chapter 152