Sekirei Manga Chapter 168
Japanese Title 葦牙ノ理
Romanized Title Ashikabi no ri
English Title Ashikabi's Principle
Number 17
Release Date August 1, 2014
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 167
Chapter 169

The 168th chapter of Sekirei by Sakurako Gokurakuin, serialized in the seinen manga magazine Young Gangan published by Square Enix.

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The invaders of Kamikura Island announce they have captured Sanada and demand everyone's surrender in ten minutes' time. Minato wants to go rescue Sanada; Matsu and Homura think that's a bad idea, but the pitiful sight of Sanada's "lovelies" Kuzuri, Kujika and Shijime crying because of their missing Ashikabi is too much to refuse to help. Even Himeko who was pursued by them earlier is moved by their tears. Mikogami announces that he, Mutsu, and Himeko will go on the rescue mission, as he feels responsible for the situation; Natsuo agrees to go as well, with Benitsubasa and Haihane, since as employees of MBI they have a duty to defend the island. Higa is of two minds: on the one hand he doesn't like being dictated to by the invaders, but on the other he very much wants to finish his confrontation with Minato. Minato declares that the latter path is fine with him; as Sekireis and Ashikabis they are not bound to follow "human" theories of morality, rather they should follow what their hearts urge them to do. Higa consults his remaining two Sekireis on the island, Ichiya and Kaiha, who declare they are able and willing to fight; Minato turns to Homura and asks to activate his Norito as the signal for both actions to begin.

At the center of the island, the invading soldiers see a huge eruption of flames in the distance. As they wonder what could have happened, figures begin charging at them out of the smoke and haze. First to appear is Himeko, once again fleeing from the closely-pursuing "lovelies" attempts to expose her panties. They bowl their way through the stunned soldiers; then Haihane, Tsukiumi, and Benitsubasa crash into their ranks. In the confusion Minato, accompanied by Kusano, locates a surprised Sanada and releases him from his bonds.

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