Sekirei Manga Chapter 159
Sekirei Manga Chapter 159
Japanese Title 神蔵島ノ深淵ノ中
Romanized Title Kamikura-Jima No Shin'en No Naka
English Title In The Abyss Of Kamikura Island
Number 16
Release Date June 25, 2014
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 158
Chapter 160

The 159th chapter of Sekirei by Sakurako Gokurakuin, serialized in the seinen manga magazine Young Gangan published by Square Enix


The Disciplinary Squad arrives and Benitsubasa (seeing Minato and his Sekireis, against whom she holds long-term grudges) immediately attacks.  She tries to go straight for Minato but is intercepted and blocked by Homura, while Haihane threatens Higa's team to keep them at bay; Karasuba is seemingly indifferent, and she does nothing as she continues to try to process the meaning of her battle with Kaho.  Meanwhile we check in on the other Ashikabis: Sanada digs himself out of the snowdrift Akitsu buried him in only to discover his "hidden ball trick" team frozen solid and his "lovelies" nowhere to be seen; Mutsu and Mikogami explore the Sekirei ship and discover Minaka inside, who informs them that another assault on Kamikura Island appears to be developing.  Back at the brawl, Benitsubasa bashes her way past Homura but is again blocked from attacking Minato- this time by the surprise arrival of Musubi.


Characters IntroducedEdit

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