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Name Benitsubasa
Japanese Name 紅翼
Personal Information
Sekirei No 105
Species Sekirei - Close combat
Gender Female Female
Height 159 cm
Weight 44 kg
Three Size B 77 / W 55 / H 90
Ashikabi Natsuo Ichinomi
Norito unknown
Voice Actors
Japanese Shizuka Itou
English Trina Nishimura
Image Gallery

Benitsubasa (紅翼), also known as the "Red Sekirei" (緋い鶺鴒, Akai Sekirei)[1]. After her fight with Musubi and Yume (who she believed to be Musubi) she keeps a hatred towards Musubi after being almost thrown cross the border by Yume. She then spent the whole third match of the Sekirei Plan looking for Musubi to finish their fight. Although the rules say not to attack Ashikabis, she did attack Minato, because "it'll be better to get rid of him"[2]. Her name (beni+tsubasa) means "crimson wings" literally.



Usual Outfit

She wears a kimono-like shirt with one sleeve missing, and pink hair in a side ponytail with two daisy clips. She has small breasts that haven't grown by a single millimeter and is an A cup (said Haihane during the physical exam). Kazehana calls Benitsubasa "Pettanko" (on English Dub, "Washboard") in response to being called "Obaa-San" or Grandma before a fight. She has the appearance of a cheerful, younger teenager though her appearance doesn't reflect her personality as she is short-tempered, unlike Haihane who's always calm and has fun teasing Benitsubasa.


Benitsubasa is a very short-tempered Sekirei prone to violent outbursts. She's aggressive to the point that she doesn't show any mercy to either Ashikabi or Sekirei as she was willing to kill both Minato and Higa even though it's against the rules to attack an Ashikabi[3]. She has a habit of sticking her tongue out while fighting and hates stupid people, though she herself has the occasional dull moment. She developed a deep hatred for Musubi after their fight during the escape arc and rushes on sight for a rematch with the goal to kill her[4].

Out of the three Disciplinary Squad members she is the only one who openly admits that she "loves" her Ashikabi. She has stated that she wants to "open his eyes" (make him like women, as Haihane said he was gay, which Benitsubasa did not refute) and then attempt to kill both Haihane and Karasuba, so she can have him all to herself[5].

Abilities and Powers Edit

She is a hand-to-hand fighter, similar to Musubi, but as stated by Haihane they are complete opposites. She can use her immense strength to create shockwaves and earthquakes for longer ranged attacks.


  • Shockwave[6]
  • Shredder[5]
  • Pulverizer (粉☆砕)[5]
  • Gekeishin (激☆震, Extreme Earthquake)[3]
  • Chi Matsuri (血☆まつり, Blood Festival)[7]

Major BattlesEdit


Nothing is known about her past.


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