Ashikabi core-censored

Reference to the Ashikabi Core

Asama Takehito hypothesized before his death that Ashikabi[1] could in certain circumstances develop a Ashikabi Core.
As Mutsu is telling Mikogami Hayato he specifies both Sahashi Minato and Mikogami as "special" in that regards referring to Minato's ability to wing Homura, a previously thought to be un-wingable Sekirei. He draws a comparison using the fact Mikogami Hayato managed to reset and wing another unwingable Sekirei in Akitsu.

The explaination is not a simple math however as it's not mentioned whether Mutsu sees this sort of occurance in Ichinomiya Natsuo the disciplinary squad leader or in Higa, The Ashikabi of the East. No mention is also given of Seo Kaoru. This leads us to believe this is at the least a rare phenomenon of special Ashikabi, or due to certain factors is drawn out.

For example, in many instances it's noted that Sahashi Minato makes time for each of his Sekirei and cares deeply for each. It's noted or portrayed Mikogami Hayato treats his Sekirei more like collectible rare figurines from favourite manga. However both would have one thing in common, deep emotional connection.

In hypothetical comparison, Higa and Ichinomiya Natsuo begin with detached relationships with their Sekirei which only begins to warm sometime after a third stage battle at the junction. These two Ashikabi don't however notice the change until during the last battle of Kamikura Island.


  1. Sekirei Manga chapter 169

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