Sekirei~Pure~Engagement~Episode 10
Anime Season 2 Episode 10
Japanese 果ツル空
Rōmaji Hatsuru sora
English Far-reaching Sky
Number Episode 10
Season Two
Airdate September 5, 2010 (TV)
Episode Chronology
Episode 9
Episode 11
The tenth episode of the Anime second season based on the Sekirei Manga serialized in Square Enix's Young Gangan, directed by Keizō Kusakawa and animated by Seven Arcs studios.

Short SynopsisEdit

Uzume is about to attack Minato's Sekirei remembering she has to score a win. Musubi asked if she really wants to fight and after she confirmed her intentions and Tsukiumi stated she will not interfere the battle begins but ended in a draw. Then Toyotama No. 16 and Ichiya No. 18 started an attack on Minato's party but as soon as the Kazehana and Homura appeared the were ordered to retreat. Toyotama ignoring the order tries to finish of a helpless Musubi but Uzume jumps in to save her and gets terminated in the process. Minato promises a dying Uzume to help Chiho in her stead. Back in Izumo Inn Matsu launches a cyberwar against Higa Izumi when Minato reaches bad news, Chiho's condition is worsening. While paying a visit to her, Higa shows up as nothing has happened with a flower bouquet.

Detailed SynopsisEdit

Introduced CharactersEdit

Anime and Manga differencesEdit

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