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• 9/16/2016

If a Ashikabi forces a Sekirei to become winged.

If a Ashikabi forces a Sekirei to become winged ( to be their Sekirei) what happens to the Sekirei's real Ashikabi if they meet? Can the Sekirei still react to their true Ashikabi?

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• 9/23/2016

When a Sekirei is winged, there is a modification to their system, it connects to the Ashikabi's DNA through a combination of emotional bond (kissing) and mucosal contact (kissing).

I kind of like to think of it in one of two ways, and I'll use the kinder one here.

You go fishing, and the fish only sort of likes your bait, or lure, so it nibbles but isn't completely enamoured with it, you can force the hooking. (Many anglers do). Not to say there isn't a way for that fish to get loose or the lone to break.

For another Ashikabi to be able to break that line, there has to be a severe reaction to them. This is where the issue comes in.

Once a fish is hooked, the chances of getting off that hook, that line, is severely reduced.

Think of it this way, the receptors the Sekirei has that are seeking that winging connection, are closed up like a plugged toilet and no longer search.

I've written a fanfic based on the idea (Sekirei regrets) and it's intended to cover the consequences surrounding it.

You should also check out "No Game for Old Men" on for a deeper look at one potential interpretation of the genetics and psychologicals behind Ashikabi and Sekirei connections.

Keep in mind, no Ashikabi, and I mean not a single one has had his or her Sekirei "stolen" as you describe.

The most recent chapters are dealing with after they have been restarted after termination, where the process starts all over again.

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