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• 1/31/2016

Yen Press manga chapter titles

Should we use the "official" manga translation's chapter titles or stick with the ones already there?  Here's a list of the "official" titles, with the current ones in parens if different:

Vol. 1

Chapter I: Sekirei

Chapter II: Wings of Light (Feathers of Light)

Chapter III: Blooming Town (Burning City)

Chapter 1: Maiden of the Moonlit Sky (Girl Under the Moonlight)

Chapter 2: Gate of a New Home (The Door to the New House)

Chapter 3: Musubi

Chapter 4: Girl of Green (The Green Girl)

Chapter 5: Inside of the Dream (Inside the Dream)

Vol. 2

Chapter 6: The Second Man (A Charming Man)

Chapter 7: A Calling Voice (A Calling Sound)

Chapter 8: A Chance Meeting (Unforeseen Encounter)

Chapter 9: Conclusion

Chapter 10: Winging (Getting Wings)

Chapter 11: Sekirei Talks (Sekirei Chat)

Chapter 12: By My Side (Next to Me)

Chapter 13: Yukari Invades (Yukari Attacks)

Chapter 14: All Sorts of Situations (Everybody's Situation)

Chapter 15: The Colorful Tale of Izumo Inn (Story of Izumo House)

Chapter 16: Angel in a White Coat (Angel in White)

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• 1/31/2016
Considering yen press translations are not always the best... I think leave as is...
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