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• 6/14/2015

Chapter 169 is translated and up

Homura and Minato get their smooch on after all...
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• 6/17/2015

So according to Matsu, Kusano can revive a Sekirei?

• 6/17/2015

eyup she can.

I can't stand Miko-Gaki so I don't like how a good chunk of the chapter was focused on him. though that thory Mutsu was talking about was interesting.  

• 6/17/2015

Yeah, looks like the bit about Kusano's and Shiina's powers being linked was mistranslated a bit...I think Matsu said she thought Kusano's powers were NOT limited to vegetation just as Shiina's are not.  So she would have the ability to regenerate and enhance the growth of all living things, not just plants, just as Shiina can degenerate and decompose all living things.  At the end of 170 we see Akitsu wake up...and then in 171 it looks like all of Mikogami's fallen Sekireis reawaken.  Mikogami is due for a huge reevaluation of his opinion of "the North"... :)

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