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• 1/31/2015

Sekirei Calendar on sale March 25

Just found a link on CDJapan that says there will be a Sekirei School Year Calendar (April 2015 - March 2016) coming out in March.  The way the thing is worded halfway implies that this is actually Vol. 17 with a calendar as a special edition gift, but given that I haven't seen anything about Vol. 17 anywhere else leaves me in doubt.  Anyway, be of good cheer, Sekirei stuff is still coming out :)

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• 3/1/2015

Well, now I see they are soliciting for Vol. 17 separately, so I guess it's official.  Vol. 17 will be out March 25th.

• 3/18/2015

This makes me very happy. I dont think they realize that there is money to be made in sekirei and I really hope at least one more season is made at some point!

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