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• 1/9/2015

stealing a sekirei away from a ashikabi

here is a very fun qu for everyone out there .... can another Ashikabi steal another sekirei away from another Ashikabi with a kiss and make them his if that Sekirei fall head over heels for him or not ... a forced kiss or a willing kiss .............. food for though
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• 1/10/2015

The answer would  Once a Sekirei is winged by an Ashikabi, that's it.  Also, a Sekirei that is winged will not "fall head over heels" for another Ashikabi; they are genetically programmed not to do that.  Even if their Ashikabi is a complete ass and treats them like crap, they will remain loyal until death.  That's one reason why it's so odious for Ashikabis to forcefully wing Sekireis against their will.

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