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• 10/15/2014 server problems

I've noticed that from time to time the site will look messed-up.  It usually happens in the early AM hours, Central Time.  I reported it to the support people the last time it happened; but when I came back in today, everything was back to normal.  So if you come in sometime and find the site screwed up, check a few other wikias and see if they are having the same problem.  If so, it's having problems and you'll just have to come back some other time.

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• 10/17/2014

What do you mean by that? Messed up how exactly?
I've never run into this problem so I'm a little bit worried.

• 10/18/2014

Messed up as in the background image failing to load, all the CSS formatting gone, all Javascript broken.  Pretty much unusable.  And it wasn't just this wikia, it was like that on others as well; I checked out several and most were like that, though not all.  Last time it happened (Tuesday AM) I took some screenshots and sent one in to the support people; Wednesday afternoon they responded that it was probably something on my end (of course) and to let them know if it happened again.  So we'll see.  It cleared up on its own by the time I checked again Wednesday after work, and it's OK right now.

I suppose it could be my ISP (Time-Warner Cable).  I highly doubt it's my computer.  Anyway, I thought I'd post something just in case someone else had the same experience.  I wouldn't worry too much about it just yet.

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