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• 6/30/2014

It just spun in: there are no (more) survivors...or, are there??

Hello.  I've been an off again/on again fan of the series ever since I saw the anime somewhere.  I have just worked my way through the manga up to the end of vol.161, and just recently I thought I'd try my hand at a traditional dice-based Sekire RPG.  I've thought of using the 1d100 dice system from the old (and out-of-print) Marvel Superheroes Role Playing Game by TSR, as well as some of the rules and powers available, and create a sort-of "Sekirei 2.0: The Game Continues" kind of setting.  It would take place a number of years after the initial game when (presumably) some good-hearted Sekirei (*cough*Musubi*cough*) manages to win the game and free/reactivate all the current Sekirei.  However, Minaka being who he is, suddenly resurfaces and claims that now that the "age of the gods" has returned, the game will expand world-wide with expanded and revised rules.  I think it sounds like it could be pretty fun, but I'm running into a fairly big stumbling block.

According to cannon (as far as I know it), the pillar & 8 sekirei of the first ship survived to create the potential for Ashikabes in the Seki-verse today.  1000 years later, another ship was found with all 108 viable lifeforms on board, which became the cast of the series.  So, again according to cannon, only the first few and the entire second ship survived out of the 8 total ships sent to earth.  This is told to us by Miya in the manga, if I remember correctly.

My question, as far as an RPG goes, is this: counld the other 6 ships have survived and be simply waiting to surface, or are the Sekirei from the series really the ONLY survivors?  Miya said so in the books, but is this knowledge firshand?  Or was it gained only after she was awakened?  If it's secondhand knowledge, who told her?  Could it have been Minaka who told her, or allowed folks to think that? (we all know what an honest, forthright guy he is, right? *sarcasm*).  I'd love for someone to clarify this for me, please.

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• 7/6/2014

I still am unsure of exactly what the history of the Sekirei is.  Miya's explanation was kind of hard for me to follow; I think a lot was lost in translation, and it may make more sense in the original Japanese (which I can't read).  Anyway, my understanding and interpretation of what was said to have happened is this:

There were 8 ships sent to Earth.  Each of those ships contained 1 "pillar" ("other selves" of Miya) and 107 "feathers."  Of those 8, one accidentally went off-course and crashed into the ocean; that was the one that Minaka and Takami found when Kamikura Island emerged after the earthquake, and since it splashed-down it remained relatively intact.  The rest came down in various places apparently.  At least one of them landed in Japan in a rather...uncontrolled...manner which killed all of the Seikirei aboard except for the "pillar" and 7 "feathers."  These are the ones seen in Miya's history lesson.  As time passed there were many conflicts between Sekireis and Ashikabis from the ships that survived landing; not all of them were part of the group of 8 Miya focused on.  These conflicts were the stuff of later myths and legends.  Eventually the conflicts died down as the Sekirei were killed off...and those that survived the wars were the ancestors of today's Ashikabis.  The fate of the fallen Sekireis from the time of legends is not explained that I saw, but I think we can assume that once they ceased functioning their bodies would have been destroyed by burial, fire, or other natural means; there was no MBI in those days to preserve them for the future.  Their Tama however, being the force of "life itself" was not destroyed; my interpretation is that this force over time and multiple generations became distributed throughout humanity via the children they produced with their Ashikabis.  Thus why the Jinki can be used to commit genocide on humanity.

Each of the original 8 ships also contained a "kushimitama," a sort of master power cell (possibly for empowering the Sekireis Tamas as they matured?) entrusted to the "pillar" of the ship.  These are what later became the 8 Jinki.  For the most part all were buried with the various Ashikabis who had come to possess them in the time of legends; Minaka used MBI's resources to recover them all and concentrate them at his headquarters.  The diamond-like crystalline shells of the Jinki (and the numbers) were apparently added later, presumably by MBI; originally they were shown as being only the spherical beads.  For a time I thought the numbers themselves might have some significance, perhaps being related to "single-number" Sekirei; but I don't think that anymore.  I think they're just numbers.

• 7/11/2014

One thing that remains unresolved for me is:  where did the original Ashikabis come from?  If all "modern" Ashikabis are descended from the Sekirei who landed in the time of legends, who were the Ashikabis of that first generation?  Or did they simply not have Ashikabis until the second generation came along; and if that's the case, who was that Ashikabi the crash survivors were "playing" with in Miya's story?

It's possible that the Ashikabis of the first generation were mainline humans who happened to possess a particular (and possibly rare) genetic marker.  If that's the case, then one wonders if whoever built the ships (the "Gods") had at one time experimented on humans, or at least did a genetic assay.  I think they would have had to, in order to design the Sekireis to respond to and bond with them.  And then we get into the story of those Gods themselves; and then it's turtles all the way down.

I wonder if Sakurako-san has thought about all of these things :)  None of it is strictly necessary for the story, of course.  Knowledge does get lost in the mists of time and the full origin of the Sekirei may never be known.

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