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• 10/12/2013

the end

is the sekirei seireis done , i hope not . i find a seiries that i like and get into and then it stops

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• 10/13/2013

there is no found info about a third season comeing, but it's far from impossible that it won't come. if it dose, it will probebly be out sometime next year. for now there is only two seasons but don't lose hope! 

• 12/28/2013

As of now, there is no news about a third anime season for Sekirei. However, if you don't mind reading Manga as a substitute (just to coninue the series for you), Sekirei (Manga) has been proceeding with very few breaks since the finale of Sekirei: Pure Engagement (Anime) in 2010. Up to the winging of Homura, the Anime and Manga are exactly the same. However, from that point on the Anime and Manga follow a different plot, roughly the same results though. In the end, the Manga will be finished in 2014 i looks like, and the Anime may or may not follow. The Manga is awesome, as was the Anime, so worst case scenario; You read the Manga, finish the story, and have closure with the series with no Anime adaptation to be released. Best case scenario; You read the Manga, finish the story, have closure with the series, and then Sekirei season 3 Anime will be released and we get to be surprised again by the Anime's different plot and ending =).